Lynn Harrell; World Renowned Cellist

“Holly Mulcahy is well known to me as a friend and musician of stature for a number of years. Her playing is superb with an accurate sense of rhythm and lyrical quality. In addition, she has leadership qualities and works well with others. A flexible and strong personality that is very attuned to creating a good working relationship to foster a high artistic achievement. I very much recommend her to any serious ensemble looking for a leading excellent player.”

Jennifer Higdon; Composer

“Working with Holly Mulcahy was fantastic. She’s a superb musician and a great colleague. I always think my Piano Trio is a great way test for violinists, because it has such wildly varying moods: long and lyrical lines, delicately played, and then racing and driving rhythms, moving at top speeds with intensity. Holly nailed it all splendidly. I would work with her again any chance I could. She was wonderful.”

Jim Stephenson; composer

I said this to the audience before the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera performance of my “Tributes” Violin concerto, but I’d like the opportunity to say it again:

We composers (obviously) are happy when are music gets played. We are even happier when it gets played beautifully. But when – in the process – we also form deep meaningful friendships with those who go through the trouble of learning our (many) notes, this – THIS – is what makes life worth living.

And so, I’d like to sincerely thank Holly Mulcahy for her exquisite playing of my violin concerto last night. This will remain with me forever.

George Daugherty; Conductor & Creator of the Emmy Award-winning program Bugs Bunny at the Symphony

“As a perpetually-traveling guest conductor, I am fortunate to stand in front of 30 or more major American, Canadian, and international orchestras per year. And as such, I am equally fortunate to regularly work with some of the most talented concertmasters in the symphony world.

I would consider Holly Mulcahy among the upper echelon of those concertmasters. She combines an extraordinary set of skills that I consider optimum as a concertmaster, colleague, and collaborator. It starts with her exquisite playing, which is technically extraordinary, while at the same possessed of rich musicality and a gorgeous, full-bodied tone. Her stylistic knowledge is widely diverse and unfailing correct, and she maintains a wonderful rapport with her colleagues while at the same time maintaining an astute ability to lead. She is highly respected by all who have worked with her.

She is a delight with whom to make music, and as a conductor I can unequivocally say that she makes my job easier, and infinitely more enjoyable. The conductor / concertmaster relationship is a crucial one, and I can think of nobody that I would rather have immediately to my left than Holly Mulcahy.”

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