George Daugherty; Conductor & Creator of the Emmy Award-winning program Bugs Bunny at the Symphony

“As a perpetually-traveling guest conductor, I am fortunate to stand in front of 30 or more major American, Canadian, and international orchestras per year. And as such, I am equally fortunate to regularly work with some of the most talented concertmasters in the symphony world.

I would consider Holly Mulcahy among the upper echelon of those concertmasters. She combines an extraordinary set of skills that I consider optimum as a concertmaster, colleague, and collaborator. It starts with her exquisite playing, which is technically extraordinary, while at the same possessed of rich musicality and a gorgeous, full-bodied tone. Her stylistic knowledge is widely diverse and unfailing correct, and she maintains a wonderful rapport with her colleagues while at the same time maintaining an astute ability to lead. She is highly respected by all who have worked with her.

She is a delight with whom to make music, and as a conductor I can unequivocally say that she makes my job easier, and infinitely more enjoyable. The conductor / concertmaster relationship is a crucial one, and I can think of nobody that I would rather have immediately to my left than Holly Mulcahy.”

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