Our Mission

Arts Capacity helps people in need through the power of art, culture, communication, and live music to cope with challenges and develop the capacity to experience change for good.

What We Do

Today, Arts Capacity’s caring, interactive recital approach brings legitimate culture, much of it new, to the prison environment. Prisoners are treated respectfully as people who can appreciate art. We care more about their feelings and insights than our own, promoting the arts for its ability to re-humanize, restore, and reconcile persons living in stressful and de-humanizing conditions.

Our focus is:

  1. on the listener, not on the performers;
  2. on what the prisoner wants to hear, not on what artist wants to play;
  3. the long-term benefit of the prisoner, not our self-gratification.

Who We Are: Board of Directors

Arts Capacity was launched to benefit incarcerated persons who are good at reading people, spotting phonies a mile off. They will think or even ask, “Why are you here?” To be seen as trustworthy our replies must be immediate, thoughtful, and succinct.

  • Holly Mulcahy, Founder and Secretary
  • Bill McDonald, President
  • Alan Bonderud, Vice President
  • Kimberly Gavin, Member
  • Mary Corbett, Member

Join us in our commitment to improve lives by exploring more about out efforts and making a donation.

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Learn more about the organization’s early days in an article Holly wrote for her blog:

Yes, And. The Early Days Of A New Nonprofit


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