My Violin

1917 Giovanni Cavani

The Giovanni Cavani/di Spilamberto (Modena)/fece I Anno 1917 is a superlative example of the artist’s work and is in excellent state of preservation.
~ from the violin’s official appraisal and certification paper; Frederick W. Oster, Philadelphia.


Previously owned by the late violin virtuoso, Eugene Fodor, the Cavani figuratively fell into my hands as I was dropping off bows to be rehaired by my good friend and mutual repairman of Eugene Fodor. Fodor, who began his own violin studies with the teacher I was currently studying with, happened to be dropping of this violin to be adjusted at the same time. He handed me the violin and said, “Try this, it speaks better than any modern Italian I’ve heard.”

He was right and I was instantly in love with the violin and acquiring it has been a career highlight.

Holly Uses Evah Pirazzi Gold Strings

Gold Loop E, Medium A, Medium D, and Medium G.

“I love the honest sound they produce! The gold E allows for a rich but projecting tone and there is an even quality from string to string, never a change in tone.”
~ Holly Mulcahy

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